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Augustine Baker (1575 – 1641) was an English Benedictine monk, mystic, and ascetic writer. He studied law at the Inns of Court in London. In 1605, Baker joined the Benedictine order in a monastery at Padua. Here he began his study into older mystical works. In 1624 he moved to a convent in Cambrai, where he continued to research and translate mystical writings. The many treatises he wrote were published after his death under the title Sancta Sophia.

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Let nothing, therefore, deter a well-minded soul from persevering with fervor in this firm resolution. No, not the sight of her daily defect, imperfections, or sins, or remorses for them: but rather let her increase in courage even from her falls, and from the experience of her own impotency let her be incited to run more earnestly… she will be enabled to do all things and conquer all resistances.

Augustine Baker (1575 – 1641)