How to Prepare the Way for True Happiness

We all wish to be filled with wisdom, with peace, with compassion. But what are we actually filled with most of the time? Our minds spill over with reruns from unwanted moments past, reliving of painful encounters with other people, fears of an uncertain future. Meaningless thoughts about meaningless events clog our consciousness, leaving virtually no room in our heart […]

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The Yearning We All Share

I needed some inspiration for this month’s OneJourney Newsletter Article, so I decided to visit the Living Book on the OneJourney site. When I got there I looked at the five most recent submitted quotes, and I was immediately struck by how perfectly they represent the whole idea of the site. The quotes span almost 2,500 years — from Buddha […]

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Make the Divine Connection

Have you visited the OneJourney Living Book recently? It’s filled with inspiring messages, and you could spend many enjoyable hours immersed in their wisdom. Just out of curiosity, I decided to see which of the thousands of quotations on the site were among the most popular. I found that the following five received many “like” votes. Can you see a […]

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This May Be the Most Encouraging Message You’ve Ever Heard

There is more than ample evidence that all religious teachings, as far back as we know, reveal the same essential great truths. To recognize this nearly invisible similarity is to discover a path that transcends time and place, while liberating yourself from the limitations of popular convention. With this article, we continue our journey into this life-liberating revelation. For the […]

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The Key to Finding Your Heart’s Desire

The inspiration for the OneJourney Project is self-realization author Guy Finley’s fascinating book, The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred. This book reveals the common thread running through all humanity, allowing us to better understand ourselves and others. Compassion and harmony naturally follow. For three issues of this newsletter we’re examining each of the basic concepts of the book in turn. […]

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Follow the Seeker Within You to a More Fulfilled Life

The OneJourney Project is based on the powerful book The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred by OneJourney founder and self-realization author Guy Finley. The purpose of this book is to show that there are universal qualities in the human character and experience. On the surface we may look different, but at our deepest level we are all the same, and […]

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