Plotinus (circa 204 – 270)

Plotinus Quote – “What desire there may be can never be for the vile…”

What desire there may be can never be for the vile; even the food and drink necessary for restoration will lie outside the soul’s attention, and not less the sexual appetite; if such desire there must be, it will turn upon the actual needs of nature and be entirely under control. Plotinus (circa 204 – 270)

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Plotinus Quote – “You ask, ‘How can we know the Infinite?’…”

You ask, “How can we know the Infinite?” I answer, not by reason. It is the office of reason to distinguish and define. The Infinite, therefore, cannot be ranked among its objects. You can only apprehend the Infinite by a faculty superior to reason, by entering into a state in which you are your finite self no longer, in which […]

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