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When we see the evidence of the rapidly mounting hostility in the world around us, it’s tempting to be drawn into fear and worry over the growth of this creeping darkness. But our task is to remember that we always have a choice. And when any one of us chooses in favor of our higher wish — to understand instead of blame — and to let that understanding transform us, we help transform the world.

Chart a New Course Through Any Dark Moment

Read this enlightening writing by Guy Finley, founder of the OneJourney project, that explains how we as individuals can help transform the world:

At all times everything, everywhere, is unfolding as it must. Getting stressed and struggling to change the outcome of any past event is like arguing with an echo to make it see your point of view. In down-to-earth terms, to resent the person who cuts you off in traffic does nothing to change either that scary moment now passed, or the sleeping nature of the one who endangered you. Yet, we believe that our negative reaction has something of a corrective nature to it. The truth is that negative reactions of any kind do not correct the condition seen as being at fault, they actually serve to continue that unwanted experience.

Let us ask ourselves: have we ever made somebody like us by resisting his disapproving look? Wars don’t end by fighting; fighting of any kind breeds the seeds of hatred and mistrust, whose harvest is always more conflict. Be assured: disapproving looks are always going to be on the faces of people for as long as they remain in the dark about the true purpose of life. But we can be different, providing we are willing to reconcile this rather extraordinary question:

What are we to do with what life brings to us — that we are sure just isn’t “right” — especially when we can look out and see so many horrible things taking place on our planet? This is not to say that we should disregard negative conditions, only that things are the way they are in the moment in which we see them unfold. And let there be no doubt about this: negative reactions make nothing better. In fact, we serve to accelerate the unwanted effect of any condition that we resist because — by our identification with it — we unknowingly become a part of what we don’t want!

This much should be obvious: something that lives in the “dark” of us is hard at work, creating the illusion that the way to change or control what disturbs us is to not want it. But now we are shedding light on this negative nature (and its lies), which means our world can begin to grow brighter. So, let’s summarize:

No moment can be different than it is; whether we like it or not means nothing, and our distaste for it changes nothing in what takes place before us. However, what does mean something is what we allow to happen within us in that moment, because as we are changed — by what we see about ourselves — so changes the moment itself.

Not only are events unfolding as they must, but they also serve a higher purpose. Life itself, each of its “waves,” is a kind of “window” through which we see what “is” — including the reality of how our awareness interacts and transforms all that is becoming moment to moment.

It’s what we do inwardly — with what takes place outwardly — that alone has the power to transform both of these worlds in a way that’s truly positive for all. And when we are aware of this truth, and its vital relationship with all that is taking place, we begin to see how our true human responsibility and the higher purpose of this life are really one movement. It’s why our interior work is so important, crucial really, to the enlightenment of human consciousness. Our world is transformed according to our ability to take part in it this way, just as we ourselves are transformed with the world as it reveals to us the truth of ourselves.

Will we choose to be a part of life’s endless beginning? Shall we enter into the incorruptible present moment — or continue to live from a nature that clings to imagined endings so that then it can complain about whatever disturbs that dream? Can we realize, as we have discovered, that everything that happens to us does so for the one purpose of revealing to us something of our present nature… and, in so doing, invites us to transcend who we have been? To know this is to see that everything in existence serves what is Good, leaving us free to choose to participate in life as it is.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project

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