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John Caird (1820 – 1898) was a Scottish theologian and minister. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1845. In 1862 he became Professor of Divinity at the university, and in 1873 he was appointed Principal there, a post he held for over 25 years. His written works include An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion (1880), and Spinoza (1888).

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It is not necessary to think of revelation as a source of knowledge which is either contrary to reason or above reason… On the contrary, it would not be difficult to show that the true idea of revelation, that which is most honouring to God, is at the same time that which is most ennobling to man — the idea, that is, of a revelation which addresses itself, not to the ear or the logical understanding only, but to the whole spiritual nature.

John Caird (1820 – 1898)