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Karl Barth (1886 – 1968) was a Swiss Reformed theologian and professor who is most well known for his landmark The Epistle to the Romans. Barth’s theological career began while he was known as the “Red Pastor from Safenwil,” when he wrote his first edition of his Epistle. Beginning with his second edition of The Epistle, he began to depart from his former training, and started to garner substantial worldwide acclaim with a liberal theology. Barth’s theology found its most sustained and compelling expression in his five-volume magnum opus, the Church Dogmatics.

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History is the display of the supposed advantages of power and intelligence which some men possess over others, of the struggle for existence hypocritically described by ideologists as the struggle for justice and freedom of the ebb and flow of old and new forms of human righteousness, each vying with the rest in solemnity and triviality… Yet one drop of eternity is of greater weight than a vast ocean of finite things.

Karl Barth (1886 – 1968)