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Max Stirner (1806 – 1856) was a German philosopher and writer. At the age of twenty he began his studies at the University of Berlin, majoring in philology, philosophy, and theology. Later, while he was working as a teacher, he wrote his major work The Ego and Its Own, which was first published in 1845. Knowing the controversial nature of this publication, he resigned from his teaching position in 1844. Stirner’s writings are often associated with existentialism and anarchism, and he is often viewed as an important forerunner in the later development of these viewpoints.

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If you let yourself be made out in the right by another, you must no less let yourself be made out in the wrong by him. If approval and reward come to you from another, you must also expect his disapproval and punishment.

Max Stirner (1806 – 1856)

Who is it that is to become free? You, I, we. Free from what? From everything that is not you, not I, not we. I, therefore, am the seed that is to be freed from all wrappings, and free from all confining shells.

Max Stirner (1806 – 1856)