Quotations from the Aramaic Bible

Aramaic Bible

Aramaic Bible – The Assyrian Church of the East traditionally considers the New Testament of the Peshitta to be the original New Testament, and Aramaic to be its original language. The traditional New Testament of the Peshitta has 22 books, lacking the Second Epistle of John and the Book of Revelation, among others. Modern scholars have generally had a strong agreement that the New Testament was written in Greek and that an Aramaic source text was used for portions, especially the gospels. They acknowledge that many individual sayings of Jesus as found in the Greek Gospels may be translations from an Aramaic source referred to as ‘Q.’ Scholars have acknowledged the presence of scattered Aramaic expressions, written phonetically and then translated, in the Greek New Testament. Although it is frequently suggested that ‘Q’ was a written source, it could have been a collection of oral sayings, usually referred to as the “logia.”

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Quotations from the Aramaic Bible…