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Simon of Taibutheh (circa 600 A.D.)

Simon of Taibutheh (circa 600 A.D.) was an early seventh-century East Syrian Christian mystic, and one of the most important spiritual and theological personalities of the East Syriac Church. He was also a physician, educated in the school of the old masters, Hippocrates and Galen. He endeavoured to explain scientifically the different faculties of the soul in their relation to the body. He emphasized in his work the importance of the grace of God, and the fact that everything that he had acquired was by “His grace.”

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Consider, O discerning man, that you are the image of God and the bond of all creation, both of the heavenly and the terrestrial beings, and whenever you bend your head to worship and glorify God, all the creations, both heavenly and terrestrial, bow their heads with you and in you, to worship God. And whenever you do not worship and glorify Him, all the creations grieve over you and turn against you, and you will fall from grace.

Simon of Taibutheh (circa 600 A.D.)