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I knew not the light, and I thought there was no sure truth in life; but when I perceived that only light enables men to live, I sought to find the sources of the light… And when I reached this source of light I was dazzled with the splendour, and I found there full answers to my questions as to the purpose of the lives of myself and others.

Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910)

God will not tell you that you should desire Him above all else, because He wants your love to be freely given, without “prompting.” That is the whole secret in the game of this universe. He who created us yearns for our love. He wants us to give it spontaneously, without His asking. Our love is the one thing God does not possess, unless we choose to bestow it. So, you see, even the Lord has something to attain: our love. And we shall never be happy until we give it.

Paramhansa Yogananda (1893 – 1952)

When I thought of nothing but to end my days in these troubles (which did not diminish the trust I had in God), I found myself changed all at once. And my soul which till that time was in trouble, felt a profound inward peace, as if she were in her center and place of rest.

Brother Lawrence (circa 1614 – 1691)

The boundless sea has absorbed the river and its limited waters. Now the river shares in all that the sea has. The sea carries the river along; the river cannot carry itself along. The river has become one with the sea. No, the river does not have all the qualities of the sea, but it is, nonetheless, in the sea.

Jeanne Guyon (1648 – 1717)

It is right for us to be exhorted so to love wisdom that we most eargerly seek it as our treasure, acquire more and more of it, suffer many trials, restrain desires, ponder the future, so that we may preserve innocence and beneficence. Whenever we act in this way we are in possession of true virtues, because our objective is true that is in harmony with our nature in reference to salvation and true happiness.

Saint Augustine of Hippo (354 – 430)