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Here you will read the innermost thoughts and feelings of inspired seekers who have gone before you. Some names you may know… others you will be glad to meet!

One Journey Quotations


Every further stage of ourselves is within us, above us. Below us lies what we are already, what we have done before. Below us, behind us, is the passive surrender to things, the inertia of the past, the habits of years, and the passive, sensual mind — the mind of the senses — with its sole belief in appearances and passing time. At any point in our lives we are thus between two opposing forces: the force of the realized and the force of the unrealized, what we are and have been, and what we may be. And what we may be is already there, as unhappy feeling, as incompleteness.

Maurice Nicoll (1884 – 1953)

Without this effort we fall every moment, prone and lifeless, into the overwhelming stream of time and event, and the circle of our reactions. For at every moment we can sink down into our habitual state of consciousness — where no integration is possible — where, indeed, we are, and can only be, divided up into innumerable little contradictory parts, which continually steal us from ourselves. Then we lie asleep in appearances, lost to ourselves, for then the sense of ourselves is derived only from the ever-changing response to the flicker of appearances. Then every event carries us away. Every event fastens its mouth upon our energy and consumes it. Life carries us away, now up, then down.

Maurice Nicoll (1884 – 1953)

We must eradicate from the soul
all fear and terror of what
comes towards man
out of the future.
We must acquire serenity
in all feelings and sensations
about the future.

We must look forward
with absolute equanimity
to everything that may come.
And we must think only that
whatever comes is given to us
by a world-directive
full of wisdom.

It is part of what we
must learn in this age,
namely, to live out of pure
trust, without any security
in existence.
Trust in the ever present
help of the spiritual world.

Truly, nothing else will do
if our courage is not to fail us.

And let us seek the awakening
from within ourselves,
every morning
and every evening.

Rudolf Steiner (1861 – 1925)

Dear to us are those who love us, but dearer are those who reject us as unworthy, for they add another life, they build a heaven before us whereof we had not dreamed, and thereby supply to us new powers out of the recesses of the spirit, and urge us to new and unattempted performances.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

If he carries out all these rules while he observes himself, a man will record a whole series of very important aspects of his being. To begin with, he will record with unmistakable clearness the fact that his actions, thoughts, feelings, and words are the result of external influences and that nothing comes from himself. He will understand and see that he is in fact an automaton acting under the influences of external stimuli. He will feel his complete mechanicalness. Everything “happens,” he cannot “do” anything. He is a machine controlled by accidental shocks from outside. Each shock calls to the surface one of his “I’s.” A new shock and that ‘I’ disappears and a different one takes its place. Another small change in the environment and again there is a new ‘I.’

P. D. Ouspensky (1878 – 1947)

I made four mistakes in my preliminary steps in this way: I thought that I remember him, that I know Him, that I love Him and that I seek him. But when I reached Him, I saw that His remembering of me preceded my remembrance of him, that His knowledge about me preceded my knowledge of him, that his love towards me was more ancient than my love towards him, and that he sought me in order that I would begin to seek him.

Abu Yazid Al-Bistami (804 – 874)

Chance will not do the work — chance sends the breeze, but if the pilot slumber at the helm, the very wind that wafts us towards the port may dash us on the shelves. The steersman’s part is vigilance, blow it rough or smooth.

Walter Scott (1771 – 1832)