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Welcome to the Journey… Here are Three Things You Can Do to Begin!

We’re so happy you found the OneJourney project. This is just to touch base with you and offer you a few welcome gifts.

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The OneJourney Living Book

Have you been making full use of our site’s marvelous resource of wisdom, the Living Book? This is our carefully collected archive of quotes from past masters of the spiritual path. You can sort through the book by quote source, newest additions, and by quotes that speak directly about the “seeker,” the “search,” or the “sacred.” Click here to submit your favorite quote from your tradition and we will add it to the book.

Every truth ever discovered — each new light that will ever burn bright — already exists in our consciousness. All we will ever know and share about love, humility, compassion, and sacrifice — the secrets that will reveal and then resolve old sorrows — awaits us within ourselves. Hidden in this truth is our great promise, both as individuals and as a race of beings.
— Guy Finley (from The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred)

We hope you will visit our website often and take full advantage of this great resource. And be sure to watch the OneJourney project’s flagship video. This stirring video explains that no matter the time, place or tradition, we are all on the same journey in our longing for the Divine. Click here to watch the video.

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Dr. Ellen Dickstein
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