From the Founder

Within you — and within every human being — no matter what part of the world they’re from, or what their environment has been, or what culture or tradition they’ve known — there lives a certain kind of greatness. We all sense this greatness lives within us. We call it by different names, but the bottom line is that all human beings have a central wish to be as good, as true, as kind, and as profitable as we can be. It’s in our very DNA.

And that DNA, that divine code if you will, is the same code for all human beings. We just dress it differently. But within all of us lives something grand, beautiful, kind, true, and loving that longs to be recognized; and we in turn long to realize the truth of ourselves.

One Journey

Every tradition tells this story in its own way. But in spite of the surface differences they all speak of the same longing, the same search for enlightenment, and the same ultimate union with the Divine. You have likely read or heard some of these sacred texts — without, perhaps ever knowing their most important message: that you are The Seeker — who was born with the purpose of embarking on The Search for self-discovery, and to ultimately become as one with The Sacred.

All these stories have been about you!

And every human being on earth — now, and throughout time — is also The Seeker, on the same Search, to join with the same Sacred.

It is all one great Story that we are each meant to fully live as individuals. And the more we come to realize the truth of our own nature, the more clearly we’re able to see another astonishing truth: everyone else on earth has the same calling — the same longing — the same destiny. To know Love and to love one another is the purpose of all our lives — not fighting and hating one another over Love’s name.

Deep down we all want the same thing, based on an undeniable, inborn need. Seeing this will not only set you on the path to fulfilling your own great Story, but it can be the basis of a new understanding among human beings that can change the world by bringing about the greatest awakening of higher consciousness humankind has ever seen!

Guy Finley

— Guy Finley, author of The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred: Journey to the Greatness Within