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We can only be as free as we’re willing to be truthful about ourself.

Guy Finley (1949)

Working to Change World Consciousness… One Person at a Time

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Q&A with One Journey Founder Guy Finley: Your Role in Making This a Better World…

Embark on the Journey to Divine Love

We call what we do here the OneJourney Project. But what does “OneJourney” mean? I thought a brief exploration would be worthwhile. First, the journey we’re referring to is the inward journey to discovering who we really are: our essential being beyond our physical bodies and surface personalities. Along the way we come to see through and drop all the […]

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Realize Your True Self in the Pool of Wisdom

The minute something happens, there is a reaction that takes place to the event which leads us to want to figure out how to resolve this pain we’re in: fix the person or change the condition so the disturbance we’re feeling will go away. Basically, we meet the disturbance with further disturbance that is an effect of the original disturbance. […]

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Bright Thoughts for the New Year

The New Year is almost upon us, which is always a time for new beginnings. Of course the real beauty of life is that every day, every moment really, offers the opportunity for a new beginning. This month I thought I’d just share some lovely, inspiring quotes that remind us we never have to feel stuck. It’s always time to […]

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