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Ramakrishna used to tell a story of some men who went into a mango orchard and busied themselves in counting the leaves, the twigs, and the branches, examining their colour, comparing their size, and noting down everything most carefully, and then got up a learned discussion on each of these topics… But one of them, more sensible than the others, did not care for all these things, and instead thereof, began to eat the mango fruit. And was he not wise? So leave the counting of leave and twigs and this note taking to others… You can never once see a strong spiritual man among these “leaf-counters.”

Vivekananda (1863 – 1902)

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Q&A with One Journey Founder Guy Finley: Your Role in Making This a Better World…

The Power to Stop Making Yourself Powerless

There are a host of unusual relationships that appear in the heart of the aspirant where things that seem to be divided aren’t really divided at all. Can you have a need for water if water didn’t exist? If I need water, if I need to drink, it’s axiomatic that something satisfies that thirst, otherwise I wouldn’t be thirsty. The […]

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The Key to Compassionate Human Relationships

Depending on how old we each are, we’ve all felt, so many times, the promise of peace in the world… When this war is over. When this new political party takes charge. When this scientific discovery changes everything. And yet here we are in January, 2024, 24 years into the new millennium, and in spite of all the wars we’ve […]

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How to Be in This Tumultuous World, But Not of It

There was once a hit Broadway show with a title many people could relate to. It was, “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!” When life seems overwhelming that’s exactly what we want to do, isn’t it? We just want to get away from everything that frustrates us, frightens us, makes us feel powerless. But that wish is the […]

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