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Man, if you are anything at all, strive to walk alone and hold communion with yourself, instead of hiding in the chorus of men. Think, look around, arouse yourself, so that you will know who you are!

Epictetus (55 – 135 A.D.)

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Q&A with One Journey Founder Guy Finley: Your Role in Making This a Better World…

How to Be in This Tumultuous World, But Not of It

There was once a hit Broadway show with a title many people could relate to. It was, “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!” When life seems overwhelming that’s exactly what we want to do, isn’t it? We just want to get away from everything that frustrates us, frightens us, makes us feel powerless. But that wish is the […]

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Find the Place Where Peace Begins

It’s hard to read the news these days. With so much strife and antagonism being reported on every page or webpage, it seems as though war and violence have broken out across the planet. People of good will feel helpless in the face of such global forces. Many wish to know how flaring tempers can be cooled down and whether […]

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