3 Simple Laws to Help You Reach Your Highest Spiritual Possibilities

There are spiritual laws that govern what we will or won’t discover about ourselves in this lifetime. And when we understand that self-knowledge is to our spiritual growth what a spring rain is to the wildflower seeds that await it, then we also realize how vital it is to not just embrace these higher laws but embrace them mind, body, […]

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Let Go and Know Peace

Until we realize that continually identifying with our own conflicting desires about how to win peace of mind is like using a cannon blast to light a candle, we will only remain at war within ourselves — all the while blaming the world around us for its insensitive inability to grant us that imagined peace we so desperately seek! Let’s […]

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Free Yourself From These Four Types of Toxic People (Choosing the Company You Keep)

Those with whom we assemble, we soon resemble! This simple old saying hides a deep Truth that can enlighten and empower every aspect of our lives: Who we are — our very essence — is continually being transformed by the company we keep. Stated differently, when we keep the company of what is light and bright, our lives get lighter […]

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Let the Greatest Saints & Sages of All Time Tell You Their Secrets

Discover the men and women who have kept truthful ideas alive across the generations! Over 400 of them are waiting to share their inspiration with you at OneJourney’s Living Book. Here’s a small sample of the saints and sages whose wisdom will help you awaken to a whole new world within you. Some of them you won’t recognize, but you’ll […]

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