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The Key to Compassionate Human Relationships

Depending on how old we each are, we’ve all felt, so many times, the promise of peace in the world…

When this war is over.

When this new political party takes charge.

When this scientific discovery changes everything.

And yet here we are in January, 2024, 24 years into the new millennium, and in spite of all the wars we’ve seen fought, and all the changes in regime, and all the scientific discoveries, at this moment the possibility of lasting peace in the world feels as precarious as it has ever felt in the history of humankind.

And this is not only true between nations. It’s true for each of us in our daily life. We see it in the resentments we hold against each other, in the tensions between family members, in the way angry drivers pose a threat to everyone else.

To understand why nothing ever seems to change we have to realize that the pain we see being expressed around us begins within each of us as individuals, just as it has since the beginning of time. It’s common for people to feel lost, unfulfilled, and threatened by forces outside our control. And when we’re in pain it’s very hard to realize that everyone else feels the same way. We cast blame on others for our pain, and rarely think about how others may suffer as much as we do. And so there’s little compassion in the world. And without compassion there’s little hope for peace. The pain grows and finds a target, and it turns into a fight.

If we’re ever to live in the peaceful world our hearts long for, we must see and acknowledge our own pain, while we see and acknowledge that same pain in others. What I’m saying to you here was inspired by a quote by OneJourney founder Guy Finley:


Guy Finley (1949)

Here is a great spiritual paradox: none can hope to know the truth of their Divine Individuality until they’ve realized their all-inclusive similarity with everyone they meet. — Guy Finley

There are layers of meaning here, but let me try to briefly explain how I see it. We all want to be unique individuals. What we don’t see is that uniqueness is our birthright. Just as no two snowflakes or cherry blossoms are exactly the same, no two human beings are the same. We are each born with a specific combination of qualities, allowing us to experience the world as only we can. As Guy tells us:

When you realize no one else on this earth can be like you… that no other soul may know the beauty, sorrow, light and darkness you alone are given to see… then you will, at last, be the fearless individual your Heart of hearts has called you to be. — Guy Finley

What could be a clearer statement of the value of each human being, and that we don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone else? Unfortunately, we think we have to create our own individuality based on our ideas of who we should be and how others should see us – with the added requirement that we be seen as better than everyone else. This puts us in conflict with the whole world. And that conflict between individuals grows into the conflict between nations.

But, when we realize the truth of our own individuality and its actual source, we can also realize the truth of everyone else’s individuality, and that it comes from the same source. With this understanding, instead of seeing others as enemies we can begin to see we’re all in this together, and when one of us grows, we all grow. Our lives were never meant to be the zero-sum game we now believe we compete in.

This is a beautiful message filled with promise. Take a few minutes to ponder Guy’s words, and it can open within you a door to compassion and understanding – and real change.

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Guy’s quote above about the “great spiritual paradox” was the summary Key Lesson that accompanied one of his talks. As a special gift, here is the link to the MP3 this 35-minute talk, The Lost Keys to Compassionate Human Relationships, .

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I know you will enjoy Guy’s deep insight into the celestial Life we all share.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project

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