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How to Start Stripping Bullies of Their Power

There’s no denying that injustice and hardship hold sway in many places of this world. From a single child bullying another in the schoolyard, to leaders of countries directing the oppression of whole populations, we see the tragic effects when human beings punish others to advance themselves.

For those who wish to change these conditions and help elevate the level of life for all, the question arises, “What can I do and where do I start?” The message of the OneJourney Project is that the most effective place to start is to try to understand ourselves, because there’s a common thread that runs through all humanity.

When we begin to see why we do the things we do, we can understand why others do what they do. We each contribute our own nature to the atmosphere. As we grow in wisdom and compassion, and refuse to do what we know is wrong, we change everything around us.

Then, if there are steps that must be taken in the greater world, we will know what is right to do. That action, arising from a selfless wish to make things better, and not from fear or a wish to punish, will improve life rather than lowering it further.

Recently OneJourney founder Guy Finley addressed this very question. I think you will enjoy reading his inspiring answer. Do share it with friends.

How to Change the World Around You by Awakening to the World Within You

Question: I find little comment on your website regarding political action or defense from immediate physical threats. The message seems to be that resistance or effort to promote a change in a perceived problem is counter-productive and only prolongs the issue. Where does one draw the line (if at all) when perceived attacks are repeated or increased? Are any political involvements valid?

Answer: All of us are moved to do whatever it is that we do in this life because of what we believe in, which is very much the same as what we are attracted to in one way or another. One of the tenets of my work is that we are drawn to whatever it may be, because within that relationship — whatever its nature — exists something for us to discover about ourselves through that relationship. Another major tenet is that “the inner determines the outer,” which is to say that the world we meet — individually and collectively — is pretty much a reflection of the level of our present nature.

If we can marry these two important principles, then what we will see is that trying to change the world around us without first awakening to the world within us that has created what we want to change is an act of futility. That said, and as you have well pointed out, we can’t ignore the world we’re making, and that certain actions are mandatory to keep it from completely going down the drain.

So, one must be a good civilian. To quote a bit of Eastern wisdom, one must put their faith in Allah but tie up their camel. People who arbitrarily destroy or deliberately corrupt must be dealt with; it is wise to live as “green” as possible. To not vote for what one believes in, is to vote for what others believe in that runs counter to one’s own common sense, etc.

To summarize, the most difficult thing in the world is also the most important thing in the world… and that is: “to thine own self be true.” What others do or don’t do often requires our attention, but without first attending to our own interior unrest and conflict, we are a physician hiding from his own sickness by feigning interest in the health of others.

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Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project

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