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The Surprising Secret Behind True Success

Most of us believe that achieving success is an enviable thing. And yet, when we hear of the experiences of people who have attained what we think of as success, they often tell us it just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

For one thing, no matter what they get, it’s never enough. They always feel compelled to run after the next proof of success. And the next. As OneJourney founder Guy Finley tells us, “No sooner do you break the finish tape at the end of a race, than you hear the starting gun go off again.”

And then, these successful people never seem to feel better about themselves the way they imagined they would. They often still feel unsure about themselves and are now afraid that others will see right through them. And instead of feeling in control of life, they still have questions about what their lives are really all about.

It makes you wonder if maybe our ideas about success are completely off base. Maybe we’re running after the wrong thing if what we’re truly looking for is a sense of contentment, belonging, and inner peace.

Many of the great sages across time have offered a different view of success. I came across one quote by the 20th century psychologist (and a highly respected and successful man by the world’s standards), William James. He turns the whole idea of success on its head:

William James (1842 – 1910)

I am done with great things and big things, great institutions and big success, and I am for those tiny, invisible molecular moral forces that work from individual to individual, creeping through the crannies of the world like so many rootlets, or like the capillary oozing of water, yet which, if you give them time, will rend the hardest monuments of man’s pride. — William James (1842 – 1910)

There are so many great points made in this quotation. First, James, who, as I said, had great success in life, says he is done with all those things that people think of as important. He has no interest in the admiration of the world. Instead, he values those “tiny, invisible molecular moral forces” that work through individuals and tear down false pride. As he says further on in this quote from a letter to a friend, these individuals are touched by “eternal forces of truth,” and for him, this is the basis of a genuine success that is unknown to the world of “bigness” and “greatness.”

James is talking about an inner success that brings us the deeper understanding and peace we really want. It’s what we might think of as “spiritual success.”

But what is spiritual success? It seems more mysterious than the worldly success we thought we wanted. What is this new kind of success actually about?

Here are three quotes about success by Guy Finley that shed some welcome light:

One sign of true spiritual success is when, at long last, we realize not only are we (always) standing in the right place for us to be in that moment but — even more telling is this: regardless how that moment unfolds… there is no one else on earth we would rather be!

To no longer be a bother to yourself – or to anyone else – is a good working definition of spiritual success.

Unless our ‘productivity’ in life serves to increase our soul’s receptivity to the living Light — then all that we make for ourselves is an emptiness that passing time never fails to reveal.

If you can recognize that this is the type of life you yourself, in your heart of hearts, have always wanted, then there is an audio album by Guy that can help guide you toward this new level of success:

Secrets of Spiritual Success: A Powerful Audio Album by Guy Finley

The secrets of spiritual success are the higher facts that put you in charge of your own life… the tools with which you can rise above adversity by turning everything to your true benefit.

With these life-transforming secrets you can leave behind troubles and disappointment, regret and self-doubt, and self-limiting beliefs. You can start fresh with new energy.

Discovering these secrets and how to use them can be a major turning point for you. And now they are available in one remarkable package that makes it easy for you to learn and incorporate them into your daily life.

Secrets of Spiritual Success: The Lost Elements of Enlightenment includes seven 60-minute talks and one bonus section with two shorter talks on meditation.

In these fascinating talks, chock-full of stories, examples, and memorable aphorisms, you will learn:

A Three-Word Instruction That ‘Guarantees’ Self-Awakening: A surprising method to free yourself of psychological pain

Relax Your Way Into Self-Realization: How to really enjoy your life

Let Go of What’s Useless and Walk Lightly Through Life: Powerful techniques to let go of old baggage and find a new life

Fulfill Your True Purpose and Find the Power to Be Free: Discover the way to true and lasting peace

The Garden of Meditation: Learning to Attend to Life: Powerful methods for effective meditation that expand your ability to receive life’s higher messages

Here, in almost 8 hours of material, is the information you can use to undergo a genuine shift in perception. You will want to listen to these talks again and again to mine all their richness so you can benefit from their transformative power.

Guy Finley’s Secrets of Spiritual Success, Includes 8-disc audio album in CD and MP3 formats…

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If I Could Convey to You One Idea, It Would Be This:

You were born to know genuine success. It is why you were put here on earth. And the universe is set up to help you prevail. You just need to understand certain basic success principles.

Guy Finley has laid out the Secrets of Spiritual Success in a systematic format that makes it easy for you to master them and put them to use. Now you can know the harmony, the inspiration, and the love that genuine success will bring to your life.

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Best wishes,

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project

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