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The Power to Stop Making Yourself Powerless

There are a host of unusual relationships that appear in the heart of the aspirant where things that seem to be divided aren’t really divided at all. Can you have a need for water if water didn’t exist? If I need water, if I need to drink, it’s axiomatic that something satisfies that thirst, otherwise I wouldn’t be thirsty. The human need for light, for love — as expressed in all the various stages that we go through — means that we have inherent in ourselves not something that is apart from us, but something that is already within us or we couldn’t have the need for it.

The difference of course in the need for water and then finding the well is that these are physical needs. Spiritual needs are interior. They are inseparable. And you should be of some good cheer for this idea, because it means if you have this need (and may God make it so) to not be cruel anymore, to no longer be impatient, to not be caught up in some ambition or insane pursuit of some promised power that will relieve you from your feeling of being insufficient — whatever the need is that a person has spiritually — the solution to it already lives within you. It isn’t outside of you. That is a vast, grand mistake that we all make, in part because we live from a mind that only knows how to pursue the objects that it imagines. But the awakening mind is one that is freed from the divisive action of pursuing something outside of itself.

Is my problem as a man or a woman that in the moment of real need (that is itself presented by illumination, something is shown to me), I need other powers in that moment in order to produce change, or is the power that I need in the revelation itself because it is going to heal what it has shown me if I’ll agree to it? Do I need more powers or do I simply need to stop making myself powerless? I need to stop making myself powerless! It’s so hard for us to grasp. Every time you seek a power outside of yourself, you have empowered that which can never know what it has sent you after.

So, at first we had the idea that we are going to have new understanding, and in this section of our time together, it’s going to be about a new relationship that will strengthen and further unfold for us this new understanding we need in order to become true human beings. A true human being is one that is in conscious relationship with the Divine. Why? Because he or she cannot be untrue to themselves or anyone else. Is that appealing to you — to no longer be untrue to yourself or someone else? Hopefully it is.