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Ali ibn Abi Talib (599 – 661)

Ali ibn Abi Talib (599 – 661) was the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad, the revered prophet of Islam. Ali was born inside the sacred sanctuary of the Kaaba in Mecca. He is said to be the first male who accepted Islam, and, according to some authors, the first Muslim. Ali protected Muhammad from an early age. Biographical sources agree that he was pious, devoted to the cause of Islam and a just ruler.

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Allah possesses a drink which is reserved for his intimate friends. When they drink they become intoxicated, when they become intoxicated they become joyful, when they become joyful they become sweet, when they become sweet they begin to melt, when they begin to melt they become free, when they become free they seek, when they seek they find, when they find they arrive, when they arrive they join, and when they join, there is no difference between them and their Beloved.

Ali ibn Abi Talib (599 – 661)