Author: guyfinley

The Transformative Power of Freedom and Faith

Two ideas we don’t often think of together are “freedom” and “faith.” And yet, if you read what some of the great sages have to say about freedom, they often bring in the idea of faith as its integral partner. We cannot be free when life doesn’t make sense to us; when it doesn’t seem to have any meaning beyond […]

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Charles Dickens Quote – “All other swindlers upon earth are nothing to the self-swindlers…”

All other swindlers upon earth are nothing to the self-swindlers, and with such pretences did I cheat myself. Surely a curious thing. That I should innocently take a bad half-crown of somebody else’s manufacture is reasonable enough; but that I should knowingly reckon the spurious coin of my own make as good money! An obliging stranger, under pretence of compactly […]

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