Brother Lawrence (circa 1614 – 1691)

Brother Lawrence Quote – “The heart must be empty…”

I know that for the right practice of it (the presence of the Lord) the heart must be empty of all other things, because God will possess the heart alone, and as He cannot possess it alone without emptying it of all besides, so neither can he act there, and do in it what he pleases, unless it be left […]

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Brother Lawrence Quote – “When I thought of nothing but to end my days…”

When I thought of nothing but to end my days in these troubles (which did not diminish the trust I had in God), I found myself changed all at once. And my soul which till that time was in trouble, felt a profound inward peace, as if she were in her center and place of rest. Brother Lawrence (circa 1614 […]

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Brother Lawrence Quote – “He permits the soul complete freedom…”

We would be quite surprised if we knew what the soul sometimes says to God, who seems to take such great pleasure in these conversations that He permits the soul complete freedom, provided that it wishes to remain always with Him and rely on Him. And, as though He were afraid that the soul might return to created things, God […]

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