Vernon Howard (1918 – 1992)

Vernon Howard Quote – “When admitting, ‘I just don’t know the answer,’…”

When admitting, “I just don’t know the answer,” you are doing something far more profound than you think. You place yourself at the foot of the stairs that leads upward to a world far higher than the intellect. When saying, “I just don’t know the answer,” you are coming to an end of the self-conceit and self-deceit that occupies the […]

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Vernon Howard Quotes

Vernon Howard Quote – “The tormenting feeling of hopelessness…”

The tormenting feeling of hopelessness exists only in a person who still thinks he must be who he thinks he must be. The agony of hopelessness falls away from anyone who really sees he need not be anyone at all in the eyes of himself or the world. Then, hopelessness is replaced by living with complete power and peace — […]

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