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Discover and Live the Primary Purpose of Your Life

If you ever wonder what the primary purpose of life really is, just look around you.

Everywhere we see things growing and changing, and all for the purpose of reaching a higher level of perfection. Each creature finds ways to be better adapted to its surroundings so as to get more of what it needs. Everything strives to fulfill its greatest possibilities.

If this is true for the flora and fauna, the oceans and the mountains, that are unconsciously taken through nature’s great movement, how much truer must it be for human beings who have the capacity to be conscious participants in their transformation into a higher order of being.

Here’s a brief quotation from Leo Tolstoy, the great Russian novelist whose spiritual awakening changed the course of his life and allowed him to help illumine the lives of countless others:

Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910)

Human life changes not from the alteration of external forms, but only from the internal work of each man upon himself. — Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910)

These powerful words tell us that if we will do the individual work of self-discovery, we will not only be changed ourselves, but we have the potential to elevate the level of human life as a whole. And it is this internal work, not the external actions we take to alter the world, that makes the most profound difference.

External developments, like the invention of helpful machines, certainly make our lives easier (although not necessarily better); but it is the self-discoveries of the great sages and prophets and those untold individuals across the millennia who have made a connection with the Divine, that raise the level of being of all of humanity.

Our efforts to know ourselves and allow our true nature to come forward fulfill the highest and best purpose of our lives. This is why it is so important to pursue our inner studies and never lose sight of our first responsibility of self-transformation.

Hear Helpful Wisdom on How to Enter the Never-Ending Flame of Self-Transformation During a Series of Free Ongoing Livestreamed Talks

OneJourney founder Guy Finley has dedicated his life to making his own inner discoveries and helping others pursue their own path to higher consciousness. As he tells us, this is the purpose of our being and should always be our guiding star:

Guy Finley (1949)

The day well spent is the one that leaves you with… Change. — Guy Finley (1949)

If you would like help on your inner journey, Guy gives an ongoing series of talks on the topic of The Enter the Never-Ending Flame of Self-Transformation. These talks are livestreamed for free twice every week: on Sunday mornings at 9:30am Pacific Time, and on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm Pacific.

Each session lasts about an hour and a half and includes an open Q&A period. You can pre-register for all of Guy’s livestreamed talks at and you will be sent a reminder email with the link right before each talk. If you are unable to attend in real time, a replay of each talk is made available.

The idea of self-transformation is at the heart of every great spiritual teaching. Guy tells us:

Nothing in reality is fixed. The illusion of some unwanted, unchanging nature within you is the work of unconscious resistance to the ceaseless transformation that is the matrix of Real Life.

During his ongoing talks, Finley discusses how to embark on the process of self-transformation and explains how to:

— Discover the Invisible Door that Leads to the Center of Life
— Realize the Perfect Peace Hidden in the World of Opposing Forces
— Step Up to and Through the Barrier Between Yourself and the Divine
— End the Anxiety and Torment of “Never Enough” Time

I hope you will be able to join us sometime online, or watch a replay if you’re not able to attend live, so that you can gain new understanding of how to come under the healing power of life’s ceaseless process of transformation.


Best wishes,

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project