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E.H. Chapin (1814 – 1880) Edwin Hubbell Chapin was an American author, lecturer, and minister. Following only a few years of formal education, he began writing poems, hymns, and editorials for a Universalist magazine. A short time later, in spite of having no special training or education, he became the pastor of the Independent Christian Church in Richmond, Virginia. In 1848, he began his 32-year career at the Fourth Universalist Society in New York City, where he attracted a large following of people from many different faiths.

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All natural results are spontaneous. The diamond sparkles without effort, and the flowers open impulsively beneath the summer rain. And true religion is a spontaneous thing — as natural as it is to weep, to love, or to rejoice.

E.H. Chapin (1814 – 1880)