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Get a Roadmap to Self-Transformation

At this point in our spiritual journey we should all know that it’s not enough to just acknowledge the great truths we hear about how to live a better life; we must act on this knowledge if we hope to change how we experience our life, let alone succeed in transforming ourselves. Here’s a quote from the thirteenth century that makes the point quite clearly:

He who learns the rules of wisdom, without conforming to them in his life, is like a man who labors in his field, but did not sow. — Saadi (circa 1213 – 1291)

And here’s a more recent statement of the same principle by OneJourney founder Guy Finley:

Guy Finley (1949)

We cannot hope to change the unwanted world that we experience without first working to change those parts of us that are, at present, creating the world that we feel needs to be changed. — Guy Finley (b. 1949)

But how do we go about doing the work of self-transformation? This has been the question of every sincere seeker over the millennia. And the great teachers through the ages have offered true guidance.

Many aspirants believe that one of the most beautiful and complete statements of the secrets of self-transformation were offered two thousand years ago by Christ in the Beatitudes, a section of the Sermon on the Mount. In just a handful of lines he laid out a series of steps for the transformation of the human soul.

The nine statements that comprise the Beatitudes sound so simple. But their language contains a hidden code. And for those who understand it, a map is revealed to finding and entering a higher order of being.

Once You Learn the Secret Code of the Beatitudes You Can Start Putting Their Transformational Power to Work for Yourself

Through over fifty years of intense spiritual study, working daily to actualize the great teachings, including the Beatitudes, Guy has developed a deep understanding of how its nine statements are structured to tell a much larger story than appears on the surface. In fact, the Beatitudes are a complete description of the stages of awareness each individual must pass through in order to achieve the ultimate state of awakening.

Over the years Guy has presented a number of talks on the subject, unwrapping different aspects of the celestial mysteries hidden in these simple words. Now three of these talks have been compiled into an enlightening 3-part audio program, The Beatitudes: A Roadmap to Self-Transformation.

Each talk in the series opens up different aspects of the Beatitudes to not only reveal their stunning truths, but also to provide practical steps to making them an active, transforming force in your own life.

Each Talk Reveals Hidden Divine Messages

The wonder of the Beatitudes is that their richness, depth, and step-by-step description of the process of transformation lift them to a level beyond time, place, or a specific religion. You can use your understanding of these powerful words to help you make new choices that can bring you closer to fulfilling the true wishes of your heart.

In these talks Guy uses all his powers of explanation, analysis, story telling, and humor to help you understand these higher principles at their deepest level, feel their truth in your heart, and experience the urgency to act on your new discoveries to transform your life.

The first talk introduces you to the secret language that outlines, step-by-step, what is asked of you to know genuine rebirth. The second talk reveals the pathway offered in the Beatitudes for a reorganization and transfiguration of the spirit. The third talk discusses the instructions the Beatitudes provide to change your character and your destiny.

Altogether it’s a feast of celestial nourishment that will help you make meaningful changes in your life.

Here’s How to Get Your Gift Copy of This Powerful Program

The Beatitudes: A Roadmap to Self-Transformation is available as a 3-hour MP3 album. You can download the MP3’s to any of your listening devices and take them with you wherever you go. And each talk comes with a complete transcript.

What a great way to gain the age-old knowledge that is as important today as it ever has been. As you learn this ancient wisdom you will enter the timeless realm from which it comes, and then be able to apply it as you meet the daily challenges of your life today.

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Best wishes,

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project

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