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Hafez Quote – “It cuts the plow reins…”

It Cuts the Plow Reins

What does Purity do?
It cuts the plow reins.

It frees you from working and dining
In the mud.

It frees you from living behind
A Big ox
That is always breaking wind.

What can Purity do, my dear?

It can lift your heart
On a rising, bucking Sun
That makes the soul hunger
To reach the roof of Creation.

It offers what the whole world wants…
Real Knowledge and Power.

It offers what the wise crave…
The priceless treasure of Freedom.

Pure Divine Love is no meek priest
Or tight banker.
It will smash all your windows,
And only then throw in the holy gifts.

It will allow you to befriend
Life and light and sanity,
And not even mind waking
To another day.

It reveals the excitement of the Present
And the beauty of Precision.
It confers vitality and a sublime clarity,

Until finally all the heart can do
Is burst open
With great love and laughter!

O Purity,
O dear Truth and Friend within me,
Why didn’t you tell me sooner
You could do all this?

Cut the reins of illusion,
So we can all
Just go wild
Loving God
And everyone all day!

Hafez (1315 – 1390)