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Johannes Tauler (circa 1300 – 1361) was a German mystic, Catholic preacher and theologian. He entered the Dominican order at the age of about eighteen, not beginning his preaching career until around 1330 at age 30 in Strasbourg. In 1339 the Dominicans were exiled from Strasbourg and Tauler, spending his exile in Basel, became acquainted with the circles of devout clergy and laity known as the Friends of God. Upon his return to Strasbourg, the city experienced a devastating earthquake and the Black Plague. Tauler supported those who stayed in the city through sermons and personal visits. He was famous for his sermons (around eighty of them), which were copied in 1498.

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For my part, I would rather there were less of such excitement and transport, less of mere thrilling emotion, so that a man were diligent and rightly manful in working and in virtue, for in such exercises do we learn best to know ourselves.

Johannes Tauler (circa 1300 – 1361)

Let him lovingly cast all his thoughts and cares, and his sins, too, as it were, on that unknown Will. Beyond this unknown will of God, he must desire and purpose nothing; neither way, nor rest, nor work, neither this nor that, nor wholly subject and offer himself up to this unknown will.

Johannes Tauler (circa 1300 – 1361)