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Moliere (1622 – 1673) was the stage name for Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, a French playwright and actor. He was educated at the Jesuit College de Clermont and received a law degree in 1642, but quickly changed course to pursue a career on stage. He is regarded as the creator of modern French comedy for creating a new style which allowed a “double vision” where wise and foolish, true and false, normal and abnormal, appear alongside each other. Although he faced much criticism in his time, his enduring plays have been translated into every major living language.

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There are false heroes and false devotees; and as true heroes never are the ones who make much noise about their deeds of honor, just so true devotees, whom we should follow, are not the ones who make so much vain show. What! Will you find no difference between hypocrisy and genuine devotion?

Moliere (1622 – 1673)