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Mooji (1954), born Anthony Moo-Young, is a Jamaican spiritual teacher. In 1970 at the age of sixteen, he immigrated to England to live with his mother. He eventually worked as a street artist, and in other media such as stained glass, ceramics and sculpture, and also taught art at a college in Brixton. In late 1993, the teachings of an Indian saint drew him to India for inner life studies. Mooji lives in Portugal where he runs an ashram and offers satsang, inviting people to bring forward questions and contemplate or inquire into their real nature based on the advaita vedanta philosophy of nondualism.

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There is an intuitive knowing within us that we are eternal, but this gets covered over with the noise we create while identifying with the impermanent.

Mooji (1954)

If you come to a place of total helplessness, total powerlessness, don’t resist. You might find something that up until then you have been missing.

Mooji (1954)