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Oliver Goldsmith (circa 1728 – 1774) was an Anglo-Irish essayist, novelist, poet and playwright. His childhood home was the parsonage at Lissoy, Ireland. In 1749, he graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a Bachelor of Arts. He settled in London in 1756, where he established himself as an essayist over a relatively short period of only six years. Many attribute this to his natural, enduring, and engaging style of writing. Some of his best known works are the series of essays The Citizen of the World or Letters from a Chinese Philosopher (1762), the poem The Deserted Village (1770), and the novel The Vicar of Wakefield (1766).

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To pursue trifles is the lot of humanity; and whether we bustle in a pantomime or strut at a coronation, whether we shout at a bonfire or harangue in a senate-house — whatever object we follow, it will at last surely conduct us to futility and disappointment.

Oliver Goldsmith (circa 1728 – 1774)