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Plotinus (circa 204 – 270) was a philosopher who lived in the Roman province of Egypt during the Hellenistic period. Around the age of twenty-seven, Plotinus travelled to Alexandria to study philosophy, eventually finding a teacher there. He settled in Rome at the age of forty, where he soon had a following of students himself. He is often regarded as the founder of Neoplatonism. His collection of essays, known as the Enneads, have had an inspirational and influential effect throughout various traditions.

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What desire there may be can never be for the vile; even the food and drink necessary for restoration will lie outside the soul’s attention, and not less the sexual appetite; if such desire there must be, it will turn upon the actual needs of nature and be entirely under control.

Plotinus (circa 204 – 270)

I applaud your devotion to philosophy, I rejoice to hear that your spirit has set sail, like the returning Ulysses, for its native land — that glorious, that only real country — the world of unseen truth.

Plotinus (circa 204 – 270)

You ask, “How can we know the Infinite?” I answer, not by reason. It is the office of reason to distinguish and define. The Infinite, therefore, cannot be ranked among its objects. You can only apprehend the Infinite by a faculty superior to reason, by entering into a state in which you are your finite self no longer, in which the Divine Essence is communicated to you. This is Ecstasy. It is the liberation of your mind from its finite consciousness.

Plotinus (circa 204 – 270)