Quotes by Kabir

Kabir (circa 1398 – 1518) was a poet who flourished in India during the 15th century. Although the details surrounding his early life are uncertain, it is widely accepted that he was brought up in the Muslim weaver caste, Julaha. Kabir’s poems, which he called “utterances,” were verbally composed in the 15th century and transmitted orally through the 17th century. Kabir Bijak was compiled and written down for the first time in the 17th century.

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Quotes by Kabir…

I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water are thirsty. You don’t grasp the fact that what is most alive of all is inside your own house, and so you walk from one holy city to the next with a confused look!

Kabir (circa 1398 – 1518)