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Retsama, thought to be a pseudonym for Earl G. Barr, is the author of Mastery, a 26 page booklet of poems published in Los Angeles in 1928. The dedication in the front of the book reads, “Dedicated to all Seekers after Truth and Reality.” Thought, The Kingdom, Prayer, Meditation, The Secret Path, Serenity, and Transformation are just a few of the poem titles.

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Quotes by Retsama…

By every thought you mould your soul,
Which from the whole exacts a toll,
That will just fill the impressed mould
Which contemplation thus does hold.

God your answer is bound to pay;
The law’s exact, the same always.
For God is you and you are He,
Just like a drop is to the sea.

Know that to think is to create,
And you will love instead of hate;
For when you think you make a mould
The Law will fill, if you but hold.