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Richard Alleine (circa 1610 – 1681) was an English Puritan divine. He was born at Ditcheat, Somerset, where his father was rector. He was a younger brother of William Alleine, the vicar of Blandford. Richard was educated at St Alban Hall, Oxford. Upon being ordained he became assistant to his father, and immediately stirred the entire county with his burning eloquence. In March 1641 he succeeded the many-sided Richard Bernard as rector of Batcombe, Somerset. Alleine continued for twenty years rector of Batcombe and was one of the two thousand ministers ejected in 1662. The Five Mile Act drove him to Frome Selwood, and in that neighborhood he preached until his death in 1681.

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Conversion is no repairing of the old building; but it takes all down, and erects a new structure… Conversion is a deep work, a heart-work; it turns all upside down, and makes a man be in a new world. It goes throughout with men — throughout the mind, throughout the members, throughout the motions of the whole life.

Richard Alleine (circa 1610 – 1681)