Share in the Life Unending

Share in the Life Unending

Talk summary: In this short talk featuring music performed live at Life of Learning Foundation in Southern Oregon, Guy Finley talks about the music and rhythm of life itself, and how we as human beings are meant to be sensitive instruments, responding harmoniously to each and every movement.


Talk notes: The music you are hearing is entitled “Jesu Rex Admirabilis” by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594). In this four-part piece of music, there are ascending and descending lines that strike dissonant chords which are then resolved into harmonies, all of which takes place in one beautiful movement.

When a summer breeze moves over a field of tall grass or wheat, you can see a whole movement taking place in waves as the grass moves back and forth in response to the wind. When you see beautiful waves, you experience the waves, but what you experience inwardly is of another order than the physical waves. There is a corresponding level of consciousness that is a wave. The matter reveals the level of consciousness and introduces the individual to that consciousness in themselves.

When you hear or see something beautiful, you are sharing in that being. God’s Universe is always ascending and descending, moving in waves, sounding out dissonances that then resolve into harmony, and is always in rhythm. And as instruments we are intended to be the continual reflection of all of this movement.

When you hear great music, for instance, you gladly surrender yourself over to what that music is turning you into. That is why you like, not only music, but anything at all — because it reveals you to yourself. You are meant to continually grow into newer and higher mansions within this kingdom, and become increasingly sensitive to all of its movement. Gradually an individual ceases just wanting to pos