Share Your Ideas

Our goal is to deliver this healing message into the hands of as many influential people as possible… religious leaders, social leaders, prominent educators — from every religious and philosophical tradition. Our hope is that they will want to share this message with others, and those others in turn will share it, and on and on — helping to spread a wave of sanity across the globe.

Here are some ways you can help…

— Perhaps you personally know, or know of, individuals who have some influence. If you do, please send us their names and contact information. We’ll take it from there. Or, if you would like to help introduce us to those you know, that would be greatly appreciated.

— Are you personally involved in any upcoming events/webinars, etc., where you would like to include an appearance by Guy Finley? Please let us know.

— If you have any contacts at respected media outlets, perhaps you could introduce us to them.

— Do you know of any organizations or individuals who you think would be beneficial to the success of the OneJourney Project?

— Or perhaps you have other suggestions as to how we might share these very important ideas. Whatever additional information you may have is greatly appreciated.

Please visit our Contact Page to send us details regarding any of the above. Thank you for taking a few moments to help make this world a more peaceful, truth-filled place!