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Never Lose Sight of the Light

In the northern hemisphere we are about to experience the summer solstice. This year it occurs on June 21st. The solstice is the moment each year when the hemisphere is maximally tilted toward our star, the Sun. It is the longest day of the year, when we have the most light.

Our planet works on the basis of immutable physical laws. There is only one day each year when the solstice will occur in the northern hemisphere, and only one day when it will occur in the southern hemisphere. The earth cannot will itself to have more light.

Human beings also function on the basis of physical laws. But we can choose to experience our lives on the basis of an entirely different set of higher laws. So while our bodies can only experience the physical light of the planet while it is available, our hearts, minds, and spirits can experience a Light of awareness any time we can remember its presence and consciously turn toward it. In that turning toward the Light we can know the understanding, the compassion, and the Love that can transform our own lives, our relationships with others, and the life level of the entire world.

Even in the darkest of nights, the earth is always spinning toward the light of the coming day. And in our darkest inner night, we too can remember the Light that awaits us if we will just turn in its direction. This is the most important thing we can do to elevate our own lives, and the world around us.

This Month’s Inspiring Message

Here are some thoughts on Summer by OneJourney founder Guy Finley, taken from his book, 365 Days to Let Go:

Summer is a good time for letting go of any fearful concern we may have over uncertain days that lie ahead of us. Any part of our false self that wants to feel troubled over its own darkly imagined tomorrow should be tossed high into the air–winnowed like summer wheat so the chaff of fear blows away–leaving behind only the precious kernel of contentment with what we are being given in the here and now.

This season of growth is also the perfect time to detect and dismiss any parts of us that tell us we can’t outgrow what may have compromised us in days past. It is the time to discover that this higher ground we seek more than just awaits us; it is actually reaching out to meet us half way, if we will only take the necessary steps in our journey of letting go.

Summer is also a secret time of sacrifice; it marks nature’s perpetual passage from one form into another. Again, the evidence is everywhere: flowers shed their petals to reveal the baby fruits hidden in their buds, even as other maturing fruits ripen to reach maximum sweetness, only to fall to the ground as food for those who find these seasonal gifts.

Letting go takes place naturally as we grow to see that what- ever we will release of ourselves is returned to us, only trans- formed into something greater than what we thought we gave away.

Whenever we will actively surrender ourselves to God, to the Life Divine, then we aren’t just relieved of nagging worries, fears, and doubts; these lower estates of consciousness are replaced with higher ones. For our sacrifice we are given a whole new self that lives in a world of light where dark states cannot dwell.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project

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