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Sri Ramakrishna (1836 – 1886)

Sri Ramakrishna (1836 – 1886) was an Indian mystic born in the village of Kamarpukur into a very poor, pious, and orthodox Brahmin family. But growing up at a transit-point in well-established pilgrimage routes brought him into contact with holy men so that he was influenced by several religious traditions. Ramakrishna experienced spiritual ecstasies from a young age. His teachings were imparted in rustic Bengali, using stories and parables. Sources for his life and teachings come from the writings of his disciples and live witnesses.

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Everyone foolishly assumes that his clock alone tells correct time. Christians claim to possess exclusive truth. Countless varieties of Hindus insist that their sect, no matter how small and insignificant, expresses the ultimate position. Devout Muslims maintain that Koranic revelation supersedes all others. The entire world is being driven insane by this single phrase: “My religion alone is true.” O Mother, you have shown me that no clock is entirely accurate. Only the transcendent sun of knowledge remains on time. Who can make a system from Divine Mystery? But if any sincere practitioner, within whatever culture or religion, prays and meditates with great devotion and commitment to Truth alone, Your Grace will flood his mind and heart, O Mother. His particular sacred tradition will be opened and illuminated. He will reach the one goal of spiritual evolution.

Sri Ramakrishna (1836 – 1886)