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Start Seeing Life in a Bright New Way

Have you ever looked back on an experience in your life and wished you’d seen things more clearly before you got into that doomed relationship, or you said those hurtful things, or you wasted so much time on an endeavor that did nothing to nourish your true self?

It has happened to all of us. We just don’t seem to see clearly enough in the critical moment. We always see the reality of a situation after it’s too late. And to make it worse, some time later we may find ourselves having repeated the same mistake. How did we not see it early enough the second time around, or the third, or the fourth!

In the Old Testament it says:

“I go before thee to make the crooked places straight.” – Isaiah 45:2

Is there, then, a higher part within us that can see for us so that instead of stumbling through life, learning nothing, and stumbling again until we finally get the lesson, we can begin to enter each moment with new eyes that are able to see the bigger picture?

I think it is possible. It takes work though. We have to start losing faith in the instructions our minds give us, and start listening for the guidance of higher wisdom. I love this quote from Jacob Boehme, the 16th century Christian mystic:

Jacob Boehme (1575 – 1624)

But if you keep quiet, and desist from thinking and feeling with your own personal selfhood, then will the eternal hearing, seeing, and speaking become revealed to you, and God will see and hear and perceive through you. — Jacob Boehme (1575 – 1624)

Boehme offers such a beautiful promise of a different kind of life, based in a new way of interacting with each moment. Instead of seeing things through the filter of our personality, our desires, and our fears, something can see for us through the eyes of objectivity — and Love.

And so, the question before us now is, how are we to achieve this new relationship with life based in higher understanding?

If you would like insight into the answer to this question, you will want to attend an ongoing series of webinars featuring talks by OneJourney founder, Guy Finley.

Guy often speaks about how different our lives can be when we experience the world and ourselves through higher understanding:

Guy Finley (1949)

Learn to be still and listen… the less we talk to ourselves about life’s unwanted moments, the more Life will speak to us, telling us things that ears can’t hear. — Guy Finley (1949)

Guy recently referred to this greater awareness as the All-Seeing I, which is a higher part of us that sees life truly because it is one with the life it sees. Imagine a perfectly polished mirror that perfectly reflects everything as it is without any distortion.

Such awareness grants us tremendous power. We are no longer confused and deceived by remnants of our past or old fears we’ve carried through our lives. We see what we really are and what our lives are about, including the higher meaning of our relationship to life itself. The All-Seeing I is our conscious connection with the Divine, and to see through its pristine gaze is to live in perfect safety and to know perfect love.

Guy’s ongoing online talks are all about these fascinating and important topics. Here are just some of the powerful life-healing truths Guy will reveal:

1. Keys to Being in Complete Command of Yourself
2. The Lost Secrets of Impersonal Self-Observation
3. Always Make the Right Choice in Any Moment of Conflict
4. How to Start Seeing Your Life Through the Eyes of the Divine

And here is the schedule for this ongoing series of talks:

Sunday Mornings at 9:30 AM Pacific Time
Wednesday Nights at 7:00 PM Pacific

There are also student-led classes every Friday Night at 7:00 PM Pacific.

If you can’t attend the livestreams in real-time, you can catch replays of almost every talk on our GoToWebinar channel. All you have to do is register for free at:

Learn how to see life through clearer eyes, and you can experience a life that’s new. Don’t miss this opportunity to start living from your All-Seeing I.

Dr. Ellen Dickstein
The OneJourney Project

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