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Thomas a Kempis (circa 1379 – 1471) was a German-Dutch canon regular of the late medieval period and the author of The Imitation of Christ, one of the most popular and best known Christian devotional books. While attending school in Deventer, Thomas encountered the Brethren of the Common Life, followers of Gerard Groote’s Modern Devotion. In 1406 he entered Mount St. Agnes, founded by disciples of Groote in order to provide a way of life more in keeping with monastic way. While there he became a prolific copyist and writer. He was made sub-prior of the monastery in 1429.

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Many are secretly seeking their own ends in what they do, yet know it not. They seem to live in good peace of mind so long as things go well with them, and according to their desires, but if their desires be frustrated, immediately they are shaken and displeased.

Thomas a Kempis (circa 1379 – 1471)

The man of inner life is easily aware of himself, since he is never totally absorbed in outward affairs. Therefore, his exterior occupations and necessary activities do not distract him, and he adjusts himself to things as they come. The man whose inner life is well-ordered, is not bothered by strange and troublesome ways of others. A man is blocked and distracted by such things only as he permits himself to be.

Thomas a Kempis (circa 1379 – 1471)