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Yuan-wu (1063 – 1135)

Yuan-wu (1063 – 1135) was a Han Chinese Chan monk. Starting from the year 1112 on, Yuan-wu lectured on the One-Hundred Old Cases and Verses, a collection of Chan (Zen) Buddhist koans originally compiled by Xuedou Zhongxian (980 – 1052). These lectures resulted in the Blue Cliff Record, which includes Yuan-wu’s annotations and commentary along with the original koans.

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If you understand, you can make use of it on the road, like a dragon reaching the water, like a tiger in the mountains. If you don’t understand, then the worldly truth will prevail, and you will be like a ram caught in a fence, like a fool watching over a stump waiting for a rabbit.

Yuan-wu (1063 – 1135)