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Adelaide Anne Procter (1825 – 1864) was an English poet. She was considered a gifted child and had a genuine love of poetry from a very early age. Much of her adult life was spent visiting the sick and working with the less fortunate. Her efforts were often placed on trying to create better conditions for women in society. The first series of her poetry was published under the title Legends and Lyrics in 1858. She was a very well known poet during her lifetime, but is now mostly remembered for her poem A Lost Chord, which later became a popular song set to music by Arthur Sullivan.

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Quotes by Adelaide Anne Procter…

All yesterday I was spinning,
Sitting alone in the sun;
And the dream that I spun was so lengthy,
It lasted till day was done…
I went up the hill this morning
To the place where my spinning lay —
There was nothing but glistening dewdrops
Remained of my dream to-day.

Adelaide Anne Procter (1825 – 1864)

One by one (bright gifts from Heaven)
Joys are sent thee here below;
Take them readily when given,
Ready too to let them go…
One by one thy griefs shall meet thee,
Do not fear an armed band;
One will fade as others greet thee;
Shadows passing through the land.

Adelaide Anne Procter (1825 – 1864)