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Our thinking machine possesses the capacity to be convinced of anything you like, provided it is repeatedly and persistently influenced in the required direction. A thing that may appear absurd to start with will in the end become rationalized, provided it is repeated sufficiently often and with sufficient conviction.

G. I. Gurdjieff (1866 – 1949)

Eternity alone understands about compassion. If you therefore wish to learn to understand compassion, you must learn it from eternity. But if you wish to understand the eternal, then there must be quiet about you, while you absolutely center your attention on inwardness.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813 – 1855)

Is there not something worthy of perpetuation in our end and spirit of democracy, where Earth, our mother, was free to all, and no one saw to impoverish or enslave his neighbor?

Ohiyesa (1858 – 1939)

Be surprised at nothing. Let peace and stillness flood through you and envelop you completely in its cloak. Put on the whole armour of love — and yet feel, feel very deeply. Let tears flow, washing away impurities until you feel clean within and clean without. Become like an empty vessel ready to be filled with life’s nectar.

Eileen Caddy (1917 – 2006)

Great endeavors and hard struggles await those who are converted, but afterwards inexpressible joy. If you want to light a fire, you are troubled at first by smoke, and your eyes water. But in the end you achieve your aim. Now it is written: Our God is a consuming fire. So we must light the divine fire in us with tears and struggle.

The Desert Fathers

Follow my advice, and leave off your difficult seeking for the knowledge of God by means of your selfish will and reasoning. Throw away that imaginary reason, which your mortal self thinks to possess, and your will shall then be the will of God. If He finds His will to be in His, then will is will become manifest in your will as in His own property. He is All, and whatever you wish to know in the All is in Him. There is nothing hidden before Him, and you will see in His own light.

Jacob Boehme (1575 – 1624)

In fearing to make an effort to escape from conditions that are fatal to us, because the future is obscure and unknown, we are like passengers on a sinking ship, who crowd into the cabin and refuse to leave it, because they have not the courage to enter the boat that would carry them to shore.

Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910)

To do rightly by the cosmos depends on timing: right doing, right being at the right time and place. This right guidance, found in every heart, finds its source in the universal Heart. This rightness is ultimate good, ultimate happiness and joy. The joy comes naturally to and through a life lived in moment-by-moment contact with the truth behind all nature, for its own sake and not for anything else.

Zoroastrian Prayer